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Seefeld, a photo-essay

A less than official introduction to the Games at Seefeld

The Opening Ceremony

The Opening ceremony will be in the Kurpark, in the centre of Seefeld. You can see the bandstand in the picture below and note the Committee pacing out the measurements of the refreshment area

Practising the welcoming speech (below)

The unicorn is the symbol of Seefeld. This one is getting excited about the Games

Next to the Kurpark is the Casino. Bring your passport and your Games ID card (which will be given to you at your hotel) and be lucky


The hotel for the Control Commission


… has a good view, see above. The hotel itself, shown below, is a 4 star hotel — as are all the other hotels used for the Games



High fashion Tyrol-style. Hats off to Seefeld


Finding your way

Your welcome pack at your hotel will include a map, but just remember if you want the town centre aim for the spire of the parish church of St Oswald. If you are heading out of town then aim for a mountain


And for help and advice, come to the tourist centre opposite St Oswald’s


Some outdoor sports

Tennis, Football and Pétanque will take place opposite the WM Halle (where the Closing Ceremony will take place). Pétanque will be right at the foot of the ski jump shown below, football just to the right of the tennis courts


Keep your eyes open

Look out for the mail coach near the Post Hotel… and sun dials everywhere


Unusual statuary… and wood carvings



The Closing Ceremony

The Closing Ceremony will be held at the WM Halle in Seefeld. The photo below just shows the entrance — the Halle is really a lot bigger than it looks here and has plenty of space to accommodate the prize giving and dinner for over 800 participants