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The 2007 Inter-Agency Games was hosted by the IAEA and held in Seefeld-in-Tirol, Austria from 31st May to 4th June.

Photographs from the Games can be found here (click here — opens a new window)

The last word

Wednesday 13 June

The 2007 Games finished 10 days ago and it is now time for the web site to close. Actually it won't disappear but it will not be added to. Later in the summer it will be archived (probably as www.iag2007.interagencygames.org) and the main site will be handed over to UNESCO ready for the 2008 Games

As Webmaster may I say that I've enjoyed creating this site and would like to thank all those of you who commented favourably on it. I wish all the best to my successor from UNESCO

David White

The aftermath

Sunday 10 June

The Organising Committee would like to give special thanks to UNFCU for their sponsorship of the Games. We were pleased that two representatives, Debra Da Costa and Lindy Zeiml, of the UNFCU were able to attend. The UNFCU sponsored a tombola at the Gala Dinner and also made a special award. You can see the photographs of this in the UNFCU folder in the photo gallery.

The special award was made to Georges Goudefarbe (UNESCO) who competed in athletics at the age of 81. Congratulations to Georges. We would also like to congratulate two of the chess competitors, Derrick Deane (WHO) and Pavo Petrivic (FAO), both of whom competed in the first IAG in 1971.

Friday 8 June

Tennis pictures were loaded to the site today together with a new selection over a number of categories. The number of photographs in the official part of the gallery now exceed 2000. We are getting user registrations too, and at least two of these users have loaded their own photos in the user galleries

There was some technical difficulty with the site today (we exceeded our CPU quota — whatever that means). If you encounter this error message then just try again a little later. Do not worry, you have not brought the Internet to its knees (well probably not anyway)

Thursday 7 June

Your Webmaster spent time on some of his other interests — he is gradually realising that after some 4 month's work that there actually is a life outside the Games

One statistic: emails received to date about the Games = 2587 taking up 299.5 MB (which is about the size of an encyclopaedia such as Encarta)

Wednesday 6 June

You can now find the pictures of the Prize Giving, the presentation of the UNFCU Awards and the handing over of the flag to UNESCO

Tuesday 5 June

The organisers drove back to Vienna today. A number of pictures from the Gala Dinner have been processed and put into the photo gallery. Tomorrow photographs of the actual Prize Giving, the UNFCU Awards and the Handover of the Flag should be processed and uploaded. Meanwhile enjoy the views of the eating, drinking and general merriment

At the Games

Monday 4 June

Today most of the participants will depart Seefeld. The results pages on this site have been finalised and more photographs for the disciplines posted in the photo gallery. The photographs for the Gala Dinner will take longer and will be posted over the next six or seven days

The organisers of the 2007 Games bid farewell to all the participants and wish all the best to UNESCO — the organisers for the 2008 Games

Sunday 3 June

Deadline: midnight. All the disciplines finished in time (just), and the results were approved by the Control Commission. The main results page shows all the teams and individuals who received an award. The results pages for the individual disciplines are not yet all completed

The Gala Dinner was a great success, though your Web Master did not manage to stay to the end

Almost half the disciplines finished play yesterday. You can find the outcome of these on the results page. Some more will be posted during the day today and the whole set will be on display by tomorrow morning

18:00 Seefeld time: all the results are in though not yet confirmed by the Control Commission. You can see the first three places for each disciple in the results page but full details for some disciplines will have to wait until tomorrow

Saturday 2 June

All the results from Friday's play have been posted on the site. Results from today will appear early tomorrow morning with any luck

Football has had play suspended for the whole day to protect the pitches and will resume play with the semi-finals on Sunday

We've now added the team photographs for Petanque (here) and Men's Football (here)

Friday 1 June

The weather is breaking and the forecast is not good for the rest of the Games

We will be trying to get 'official' photographs of all the teams and the process of gathering these has started. We have received the photos for three disciplines already, and they have been put into the photo gallery folders for those disciplines along with some less formal photographs. See Bridge (here), Chess (here) and Darts (here)

We've also added some pictures of the Control Commission reception, some new ones of the Opening Ceremony and some general photographs of Seefeld. The photo gallery can be reached from this link (click here — opens a new window)

Thursday 31 May

Arrival day for most of the participants. A day not without elements of drama — one group, after a multi-day journey, were on the train from Vienna which paused briefly at Salzburg. The group leader quickly got off to buy something only to return to the platform to see the train steaming out if the station. He has not been seen since

The Opening Ceremony appeared to be a success and included a lively brass band and local Schnapps (Austrian 'firewater') served from a barrel by two young ladies in Dirndls (local costume). Some of the photographs taken at the event can be seen on the photo gallery

The photo gallery can be reached from this link (click here — opens a new window)

The countdown diary

Tuesday 29th May

The organisers move down to Seefeld and the Games are almost upon us. We would like to thank all our counterparts in all the participating Agencies for their help and we look forward very much to seeing you in Seefeld

Sunday 27th May

What will the weather be like in Seefeld? The committee has its collective fingers crossed and is also holding their thumbs (which is how Austrians cross their fingers). You can get a glimpse of the predictions from this link. At the time of writing this, a dull period was due to come to end on the 30th of May — the day many of the organisers arrive (click here)

Friday 25th May

The final allocation of hotels was made today. We have sent a full list of all participants together with their hotels to all the coordinators at the various Agencies. Contact your coordinator if you wish to know which hotel you are in

Thursday 24th May

The name for each team must incorporate the acronyms of all the organisations of the team members — this is the rules. We were delighted today to find a team which now has 41 characters in its name —  a possible world record. Congratulations to ITU/FAO/UNESCO/UNHCR/WTO/UNOG/UNICC/UNMIS though we pity the person who has to announce that if they win the cup

Wednesday, 23rd May

Some more offers from Seefeld (show your Games ID card to qualify):-

  • Sport Aktiv: 10% on guided hiking tours (details in the welcome package you will get upon registering in your hotel). Bookings need to be made one day in advance

  • Casino Seefeld: Pay € 21 and receive chips to a value of € 25, and a voucher for a glass of sparkling wine. Note: a valid passport needs to be shown to enter the Casino

    we received the text below through the Casino:-

    } For those who want to have an amusing evening, the Casino Seefeld is a hot spot: beautiful ladies, interesting men, champagne and lots of fun with gambling. The croupiers of the Casino Seefeld will explain the rules to you if needed. For only 21 Euros you get Welcome Chips amounting to 25 Euros and a voucher for a glass of sparkling wine. The Casino Seefeld is open daily from 3 pm until 3 am. Roulette, Black Jack, Poker and gambling machines~

Tuesday 22nd May

You will all receive an ID badge when you register at your hotel. This card will qualify for discounted prices at a number of places in Seefeld. You will get details of all these in your information pack at the hotel, but here is one — the Rosshόtte mountain railway. Actually you can get up this mountain totally free if you climb, but there is a mountain railway and a system of lifts and cable cars for those of you who are less intrepid (click here for more details)

Monday, 21st May

We're setting up a photo gallery on this site, one that we really plan to fill after the games. However as a start we've posted some photos of some of the hotels we will be using in Seefeld

The photo gallery can be reached from this link (click here — opens a new window)

Friday, 18th May

Where how many nationalities will be represented you ask? Well the answer is 98 according to the Official Laptop. Which nationalities are they, you ask again (click here)?

Thursday, 17 May

We have added a little photo-essay introducing you to Seefeld and giving you a small taste of what to expect when you arrive (click here)...

Tuesday, 15th May

The countdown has started...

Registrations have closed and a little more than 800 participants will be arriving in Seefeld in two weeks time

The overall schedule for the games and the individual discipline schedules are now all posted on this site (click here). Some changes are expected but in the main everything is ready for the games

The Organising Committee is sorry to have to announce that Basketball has had to be cancelled — a combination of illnesses, injuries and a lack of registrations left only one team. We congratulate that team (DPKO UNMIK) for their enthusiasm and for their readiness to switch discipline to volleyball so they could still take part in the Games